About China

Learn the basics about China, its people and culture, including how to build Chinese business networks and where to find the latest news and events, using the tool drawers below.

From demographics and maps to visitor facts and stats, find out all there is to know about China and its people. Grow your business networks, both here in New Zealand and over in China, and then learn how to travel to and within China. Discover how to navigate and research the Chinese business market, and make sure you keep up to date with the latest news and events in China using the English language media tools provided here.

China 101. The basics. Essential whether you are looking at visiting the market or wanting to know more about your visitors.

Visiting China on business? There's wealth of information you need to know before you leave.

Looking for China contacts in New Zealand that can provide you with assistance? Everything from the China Embassy to various trade and business organisations.

Once you arrive in China there are a number of New Zealand resources you can access.

Looking for English language news on what's happening in China? Look no further.