Info for Visitors

Provide essential visitor and immigration information about New Zealand to your Chinese visitor, in their own language, using these tool drawers.

Regardless of whether your Chinese visitor needs to know how to get to, get around, or get money in New Zealand, all advice is provided here. Find forms and contacts, airport and customs information, biosecurity rules, safety tips and i-Site locations. Use the Chinese language visitor tools for information about New Zealand driving routes, rules, road conditions. Learn about the China Union Pay bank card and where it can be used.

How can Chinese visitors obtain a visitor visa to New Zealand?

Travelling between China and New Zealand is the first and last step for Chinese visitors. What travel information do they need, including airport and airline information?

There are a number of resources in Chinese language that you can provide to your guests to assist them during their stay in New Zealand.

What do Chinese visitors need to know to drive in New Zealand?

How to make it easy for Chinese visitors to pay for goods and services in New Zealand.