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Driving in New Zealand

Info for Visitors

‘What’s different about driving in New Zealand?’ is a six page flyer that is an essential tool for every Chinese visitor planning to drive in New Zealand. 

Chinese language video designed to educate Chinese visitors on safer driving on New Zealand roads. 

Tourism New Zealand

Chinese celebrity Huang Lei is lending his voice and influence to spread the word about safer driving in New Zealand to his millions of fans in China.

Tourism New Zealand

Take a visitor driving quiz in English or Chinese.

Answer 66 multiple choice questions on the essential Road Code rules you need to know to keep yopurself safe on New Zealand roads.

Information on driving in New Zealand for Chinese visitors.

New Zealand Transport Agency

Information on driving licences for Chinese visitors.

New Zealand Transport Agency

The official Drive Safe website has all the information a visiting driver will need - available in Chinese and English language.


Tourism Industry Association NZ

This video provides critical advice for Chinese visitors who drive on New Zealand roads.

William Bisset

Video in Mandarin providing advice to Chinese self-drive visitors to New Zealand.

First Hand Productions