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Huang Lei - Driving in New Zealand (Video)


Chinese celebrity Huang Lei is lending his voice and influence to spread the word about safer driving in New Zealand to his millions of fans in China.

Huang Lei, star of China’s number one reality show ‘Dad, Where are we going?’ is fronting a new five minute video, filmed in New Zealand during a visit earlier this year.

Tourism New Zealand, in partnership with Air New Zealand, seized the opportunity to use Huang Lei's visit as a way to get a serious message across about driving conditions in New Zealand - something the celebrity himself was more than happy to help with.

See the full media release.

How to use this tool:

  • Send visitors this link before they arrive in New Zealand.
  • Add the link below to your web browser on any publically accessible computer you may have - perhaps make a folder called 'Information for Chinese Visitors'.
  • Provide a Helpful Online Resources guide to Chinese visitors on check-in that includes this link

The video is 4 minutes 40 seconds duration and is hosted on Youku - please note it may take some time to load in your browser.

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