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NZ Police Safety Guide (Chinese)


The 'Your Guide to Keeping Safe brochure' is produced by the New Zealand Police and is in Chinese language.

The 'Your Guide to Keeping Safe brochure' has a map showing where to find police stations and i-SITEs in the major centres and a chart of travel times and distances between locations throughout New Zealand.

New Zealand is a relatively safe travel destination but we are not crime free. It is important you take the same precautions to look after yourself and your possessions as you would at home.

An English language version can be found here.

For more information visit the New Zealand Police website - Visitors to New Zealand - safety guide

How to use this tool

  • Print a copy.
  • Laminate it and place on display in rooms or public areas.
  • Keep copies at reception and include in any welcome pack given out to Chinese visitors.


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