Market Intelligence

Use the research, statistics and presentations in these tool drawers to really get to know the China market.

Understand your visitors’ demographics, needs, travel preferences, expectations and changing behaviours, including competitor analysis. Dig deeper into Chinese visitors’ travel and spending preferences. Keep up to date with the latest opportunities and challenges in the China market. Learn more about the New Zealand-China distribution chain, including the China Travel Law, Approved Destination Status and the Premier Kiwi Partnership Programme.

There are several market briefs that give you a top to bottom summary of China, it's people, markets and travel and tourism opportunities. A great starting point.

Keep track of the changes in Chinese travel patterns to New Zealand and other destinations. What's hot and what's not!

Many reports have been issued on Chinese travel to and within New Zealand and the opportunities and challenges our industry faces. Keep up to date with the latest here.

Understanding the travel and tourism distribution chain in both China and New Zealand is critical to seeing how Chinese consumers purchase and consume your services.

The China Market Information Programme aims to inform and stimulate product and service development.