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China Market Review


The China Market Review was undertaken over 100 days from July 2012 by a joint industry/government expert advisory group. The group’s recommendations focus on how we can better attract and cater for Chinese visitors.

The rationale for the review is the need to ensure New Zealand makes the most of opportunities presented by the rapid growth of China’s economy and demand for outbound travel. China is our fastest growing tourism market. It is a key trading partner and important market for tourism, education and skilled migration, business and investment.

The China Market Review was instigated to identify what is needed to:

  • improve our understanding of the market
  • target the Chinese market effectively
  • develop demand-led and high-end tourism offerings
  • deliver higher quality and more satisfying experiences to the Chinese market
  • grow the higher-value segments of the Chinese visitor market

Lessons learnt in our work with the Chinese market will inform New Zealand’s engagement with other high-growth visitor and trade markets.

The Review and its recommendations align with, and will contribute to, key government priorities: the Business Growth Agenda, the NZ Inc China Strategy, the Crown-Māori Economic Growth Partnership and the Better Public Services Programme.

Implementation of the Review will be informed by aligned industry and academic activities undertaken by groups such as the NZ China Council and Waikato University’s China-New Zealand Tourism Research Centre.

How to use this tool:

  • Use in your business planning to factor in known and likely actions by government and aligned industry groups.
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